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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stack & Slash Quilt continued ...

Howdy !!

Got the front of my Stack & Slash Quilt finished today, now I only just have to do the wadding, backing & quilting ... might leave it for the time being, as I have other sewing calling me !!

I had myself a little helper ... or so she thought !!

It was quite frightening, as I thought she'd twitch, and I'd sew her foot ... fortunately, I decided to stop for awhile and take photographs !!

But Mum, aren't I cute ?!?!  Do you really have to sew ???  My tummy wants rubbing !!!

How can you resist this face ???

In the end, she turned her back on me, made a sour face (as if to say ... I've had enough now) !!  Eventually, she turned around, and watched the needle go up and down ... then I got really worried, that she might take a swipe at it !!  She got really fed up, and jumped down ... too much action, perhaps ... but thank goodness, I could get back to sewing, without distractions !!!

UPDATE ... this afternoon, I'd just come out of the bathroom, and there was Bambi, up on the ironing board, sitting on the folded quilt top she was helping me sew yesterday.   Not sure if she thinks it is her quilt now, or if she wanted to help me iron it !!  She's such a cheeky kitty !!

Take care,