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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sampler Quilt ... Part 1

In the Beginners Patchwork class, we are now working on a Sampler Quilt.  It is to be 12 different blocks ... although I have decided to do 16 (the 12 blocks that the teachers have suggested, as well as another 4 of my choice).  I chose to do these in aboriginal / indigenous prints (what a difficult decision, choosing 6 different fabrics that would blend & contrast, as well as 2 other plainer fabrics ... I still need to choose my border fabric, as well as the batting and backing, at a later date).

It took me a while to get moving, but when I did, I went at it gung-ho.  I managed to complete 4 blocks in the past couple of days (as wells as running around, doing various other things !!).

I have chosen an Ayers Rock (Uluru) colored (sort of) fabric, along with the others, which I will use in some way in each block, as well as using it in the sashing ... it will sort of tie it all in together.  (Unfortunately, the photographs don't really do the colours justice ... but you should get the general idea !)

The first block on the list was SHOO FLY (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

Next was OHIO STAR (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

Next was JACOB'S LADDER (I used 4 different fabrics) ... (when I chose which fabrics to use, I thought there would be more contrast in the colours ... ummm, apparently not ... but I like it, anyway !) ...

Next on the list is HONEY BEE, however I chose one of my own, instead ... RAIL FENCE (it's the same block as what was used on my Quillow !!)  ... (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

So, that's all I've done for now ... as I mentioned, the next on the list is HONEY BEE, however I will probably do PINWHEEL next.  I will share more with you when I have more completed.

Hope all this isn't too boring ... I find it exciting, creating new things ... I LOVE QUILTING !!!

Take care,

Stack & Slash Quilt

Whilst attending the Beginner Patchwork class at the U3A, I also discovered a lovely lady who has a business called Patchwork Promises ... she runs monthly quilting workshops, conveniently just down the road from where I live.  She was kind enough to invite me to join in on the workshops.  The project we are working on at the moment is a Stack & Slash quilt.  This is a totally new concept to me, but very enjoyable.  Here is a picture of the 9 panels I have completed.  In the next workshop we go through the sashing and how to put it all together.  (I have another stack of gorgeous fabrics, which I will probably use to make another Stack & Slash quilt ... it is so much fun !!).

I love the vibrant colours ... you can't really see it in the photo, but they are all sort of tie-died fabrics ... very pretty.

Take care,

Quilt + Pillow = Quillow

The tutors decided we needed a bigger project, so presented us with the instruction for a Quillow.  I jumped at it, thinking it would be great fun ... I love the idea of having a cushion / pillow, which with a quick shake out, becomes a cuddly quilt.

I bought some bright fat quarters ... 3 of each colour ... for this project, along with some homespun black and electric blue.

The method was fairly simple ... simply sewing 3 strips of different colours together, then chopping them up into squares, then sewing the whole lot together to make the relevant pattern.  Then, obviously, putting on a border, batting and backing.  We used a pull through methond (like a doonah cover, I guess), rather than the usual binding methond.  I also "tied" the front to the back, through the batting, rather than quilting it ... looks effective, I think !!

The front of the Quillow (if you zoom in, you can see the little black threads in the centre of the crosses, where I "tied" the Quillow) ... also, if you zoom in, you will notice the blue fabric actually has little black cat face outlines !!

Showing the back (black with white polka dots) folded over the front of the Quillow

The Quillow folded up into a pillow shape

Take care,

Hearts & Gizzards

Next up in class, we were challenged with a block called "Hearts & Gizzards.  It involved basic patchwork piecing, along with attaching some pieces using "pinch & needle-turning" ... not a great fan of this method, let me tell you !!!  However, the effect was lovely.  I used some lovely earthy tie-die type fabric. 

Take care,

A "Roly Poly"

When attending my Beginners Patchwork class, I noticed a few of the ladies had what they term as "Roly Poly's" ... sort of a companion thingumy to store fabric and blocks in between sewing sessions ... you lay your block on the fabric, then roll it up, tie it up, and put it all away !!  I got the pattern from one of the girls, and using some small squares of aboriginal fabric I had purchased ages ago, made my own.  Unfortunately, it looks nothing like the one in the pattern ... but it is functional, and that's all that matters, I guess !!

This pic shows the Roly Poly opened up, with the outside folded over ... the bit you store your stuff on is the plain side !!  You can even pin pieces onto it !!  It's very useful !!

Take care,

A Black & White Bag

The first thing I actually made in Beginner Patchwork class, which the whole class made, was this nifty little bag.  I bought a stack of fat quarters from Spotlight, in shades of black and white, which I thought looked good (they also weren't very expensive ... I didn't want to spend too much, in case I stuffed it up, or decided I didn't really enjoy it !!).  The pattern was reasonably easy to follow ... but of course I made a couple of small, fixable, mistakes.  In the end, I was really happy with the result.

Take care,

My First Ever Quilted Item ... A Cushion

Hey There,

A few years back (quite a few, I think !!), I used to attend a monthly workshop, where each month we did a different craft.  One month we began doing a quilted cushion, using the Ohio Star pattern.  It was all hand sewn, and I never finished it ... not a big fan of hand sewing, and I put it aside to do other things (as you do !!!)

Anyway, back in February, I joined a Beginners Patchwork class at my local U3A.  The first week I had nothing to work on, so I took in my cushion cover ... and I actually finished it.  I finished hand piecing the block, then machine stitched a border and backing, and quilted the top "in the ditch".  Surprisingly, it turned out not too bad.

Now it just needs stuffing !!  In the mean-time, it sits on the card table where I use my sewing machine, and Bambi the cat thinks it is the best place in the world to have a snooze !!  She seems to like anything home made ... what a silly kitty !!

Take care,

Welcome To My New Quilting Blog ...

Hi There,

I've been blogging for a few years now ... somewhat sporadically of late ... and it is something I have always loved.  Unfortunately, Facebook has taken over in recent times, and my blogging has fallen by the wayside.

This year I have taken on a new hobby ... Quilting ... and thought it might be appropriate to start a new blog so I can share what I am doing ... thus not boring everyone on my Facebook or main blog with all the trivial details !!

Anyway, please feel free to leave comments, particularly on any pictures I share on here with you ... feedback is always appreciated ... good or bad.

So, step on board, and enjoy the ride ...

Take care,