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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilt + Pillow = Quillow

The tutors decided we needed a bigger project, so presented us with the instruction for a Quillow.  I jumped at it, thinking it would be great fun ... I love the idea of having a cushion / pillow, which with a quick shake out, becomes a cuddly quilt.

I bought some bright fat quarters ... 3 of each colour ... for this project, along with some homespun black and electric blue.

The method was fairly simple ... simply sewing 3 strips of different colours together, then chopping them up into squares, then sewing the whole lot together to make the relevant pattern.  Then, obviously, putting on a border, batting and backing.  We used a pull through methond (like a doonah cover, I guess), rather than the usual binding methond.  I also "tied" the front to the back, through the batting, rather than quilting it ... looks effective, I think !!

The front of the Quillow (if you zoom in, you can see the little black threads in the centre of the crosses, where I "tied" the Quillow) ... also, if you zoom in, you will notice the blue fabric actually has little black cat face outlines !!

Showing the back (black with white polka dots) folded over the front of the Quillow

The Quillow folded up into a pillow shape

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