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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sampler Quilt ... Part 1

In the Beginners Patchwork class, we are now working on a Sampler Quilt.  It is to be 12 different blocks ... although I have decided to do 16 (the 12 blocks that the teachers have suggested, as well as another 4 of my choice).  I chose to do these in aboriginal / indigenous prints (what a difficult decision, choosing 6 different fabrics that would blend & contrast, as well as 2 other plainer fabrics ... I still need to choose my border fabric, as well as the batting and backing, at a later date).

It took me a while to get moving, but when I did, I went at it gung-ho.  I managed to complete 4 blocks in the past couple of days (as wells as running around, doing various other things !!).

I have chosen an Ayers Rock (Uluru) colored (sort of) fabric, along with the others, which I will use in some way in each block, as well as using it in the sashing ... it will sort of tie it all in together.  (Unfortunately, the photographs don't really do the colours justice ... but you should get the general idea !)

The first block on the list was SHOO FLY (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

Next was OHIO STAR (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

Next was JACOB'S LADDER (I used 4 different fabrics) ... (when I chose which fabrics to use, I thought there would be more contrast in the colours ... ummm, apparently not ... but I like it, anyway !) ...

Next on the list is HONEY BEE, however I chose one of my own, instead ... RAIL FENCE (it's the same block as what was used on my Quillow !!)  ... (I used 3 different fabrics) ...

So, that's all I've done for now ... as I mentioned, the next on the list is HONEY BEE, however I will probably do PINWHEEL next.  I will share more with you when I have more completed.

Hope all this isn't too boring ... I find it exciting, creating new things ... I LOVE QUILTING !!!

Take care,


  1. Connie, your blocks look great, you seem to have picked this up very easily, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch, all snug and warm under the quilt that you have made. I know I love it and so do my kids.


  2. Hey Connie!! I was delighted to find your comments on my blog, and even more pleased to hear you have discovered the joys of quilting! Another subject we have in common!
    I can't wait to catch up with you again and compare our patchwork - yours looks great. You are more advanced in techniques than I am, so I'm hoping (BEGGING) that you will come over one day and guide me through my Japanese cranes window project (pretty please? I'll let you cuddle Topsy! Well, I'll tie her up so she will HAVE to sit on your lap without scratching, lol!).
    Let's talk soon -

  3. Thanks, Mandy ... it is so much fun.

    Thanks Gina ... I will email you xx

    Take care, hugs, Connie xx


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