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Friday, October 14, 2011

What Have I Been Quilting Since My Last Post ...

Hi There !!

Wow, it's been about 15 months since my last post on this blog ... I'm a bit slack, aren't I !?!?!

Bambi continues to assist me (as per previous post), and I haven't sewn any of her limbs yet, thank goodness.  She does make it difficult at times, swatting at my fabric, thread, pins, etc ... cheeky kitty !!

I bought myself a new sewing machine for Christmas last year ... a Toyota Quilt 50 ... which works a treat.  The old Singer I was using became very temperamental, needed a service, and I got the new one for a very good price.  I also recently bought myself an overlocker, from a friend.  Haven't really used it, and not sure that I need it for quilting, but it was too good a bargain to pass up !!

I've been doing a bit of sewing, in dribs and drabs ... some weeks I sew gung-ho, other weeks I don't do any.  Life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway, since my last post I have done the following ...

A table runner, which now resides on my living room coffee table.  The pattern was called "Tranquil Charm".  It was completed in September 2010 ...

It was made using a pack (and a few extra) of 5 inch charm squares, using a pattern I found in one of my many craft magazines.

Next was a Christmas table runner, using a pattern provided by the tutors in the Patchwork class I attend at the local U3A.  It was completed in November 2010 ...

A friend of mine designs quilt patterns, and I decided to make a quilt she designed.  It is called "Allsorts Quilt".  I had to make some slight alterations, due to the fat quarters I bought being slightly smaller then normal, so was unable to follow the pattern completely.  I finished this quilt in January 2011.

The fat quarters were simple solid colours.  The border is multicoloured gum balls, containing most of the colours of the solid pieces.  The back is half purple, half pink, with a strip of gumballs up the centre.

Next thing I finished was an "Attic Window" panel, which I made into a large cushion.

I was given a roll of Aboriginal design fabric, called a Hotch Potch.  I turned this into a "blankie" sized quilt, not quite single bed sized.  I completed it in August 2011.  We decided that it would become our Holiday Quilt, and would accompany us on all our holidays.  I am very pleased with how it turned out, and love the border fabric (which is also the backing fabric), and the black contrast.

I finally finished my Stack & Slash (I also call it my Stained Glass Quilt) in August 2011.  I am very happy with it, and it now takes pride of place in our camper, ready to keep us warm on all those wonderful camping and 4WD trips.

Here's a photo of it in it's new home ...

I joined a class to teach us how to make a Kaleidescope Quilt ... the quilt is still unfinished at this stage, but it is getting there.

The fabric I am using is ...

I have completed twelve blocks so far, I think, and hope to continue with it shortly.  I plan to make 16 blocks, making a 4 x 4 block quilt.

I will be sashing each block with a blue fabric, which is the same as the cornflower blue in the fabric.  The border will be a combination of blue strips, black strips and the original fabric.  I cannot wait until it is finished, but need to put it aside for the time being, due to a couple of other projects needing to be finished before Christmas.

I have been purchasing fabric left, right and centre, also (isn't that just typical ... it's hard to go past beautiful fabrics, isn't it !?!).  I even purchased a bunch of fat quarters at a quilt shop in Victor Harbour, in South Australia, during a recent holiday.  The country stores often have such different fabrics than what I have been able to find locally.

So, that is a run-down of my quilting endeavours since my last post.  Thanks for reading / looking at the photos.

Till next time ...

Take care,

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  1. WOW!! Sensational work, Connie! It is not too late to enter your work in the Whittlesea show; I'm putting five of my finished projects in. I've got a spare application form, and it doesn't have to be in until 22nd October, so let me know!


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