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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Fabrics

Hi There,

As with most sewers / patchworkers / quilters, I am obssessed with fabric !!  I cannot go past a fabric shop !!  And I am forever on ebay, just looking (and occasionally purchasing), just to see what is available.  Often when I purchase fabric (whether it be from a shop or ebay) it is just because I like it, and not necessarily for a particular project.  I imagine I am not the only one like this !?!?!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite pieces with you.  Here goes ...

This first piece of fabric I found on ebay ... not sure at the time what I wanted to do with it, but since receiving it, I have decided I am going to make a large, long cushion to take in the camper.  The fabric is about half a metre long, with the width of the roll of fabric wide.

I just loved the retro feel and look to this fabric, and as we are campers, thought it was very appropriate !!

This next bunch is a kit I found on ebay for a quilt called "Quilting Purr-fection" by Debbie Cook.  I got it for a bargain ... all I need to buy is the wadding and backing fabric ... oh, and of course, cut it out and put it all together !!

Next are a few cat fabrics, mostly fat quarters, that I have collected ...

When we were in Victor Harbour, South Australia, recently, we visited a quilt shop, and of course had to make a purchase (the two centre left fabrics above were from there, too).  I love Australiana fabric, so this pack of eight fat quarters definately took my fancy.

And finally, these next three I purchased in a quilt shop in Kyabram, Victoria ... the two on the left seemed to go together, and the one on the right I just fell in love with.

Of course, there are heaps more in my "stash", but at the moment these are my favorites.  There are a few others, though, that I would love to share, but they are going to become Christmas presents, so for now, they remain a secret !!

Now, to start doing some cutting and sewing ....

Take care,


  1. Fabulous stash, Connie! I see so many stunning fabrics at quilt shows and on eBay, but I just have to restrain myself because as you know, I've got so much already. It's a bit like buying clothes (for me anyway) - I feel compelled to get rid of some of what I've got, before I buy more.

  2. that is beautiful camping fabric cant wait to see what u do with it


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