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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Everyone !!

I had a bit of a sewing spree in the lead up to Christmas, putting together a couple of quilts as Christmas Presents.

The first one was a Stack & Slash quilt, made for my parents.  Here's a photo of them holding it up on Christmas Eve ... I think they like it !!  I used a variety of fabrics ... the gold sashing / borders was Michael Miller fabric, the blackish border was a Robert Kaufman fabric, and the blocks were a variety of fabrics I picked up in a set at Lilly Patches in Boronia.

Next I made a quilt for my daughter, Elisabeth ... this was a challenge, as I could only sew when she wasn't home.  Fortunately, she has started working full time, so I had lots of time during the day.

I also made some matching cushions ...

I bought the wolf panels ages ago on ebay, but kept them hidden.  The squares were just a stack I found in Lincraft ... they worked, colourwise, so I decided to use them !!  How fortunate was I that Elisabeth had no idea I was making anything for her ... I found a good hiding spot ... made it all a nice surprise !!

I also made a lovely table runner for my mum ... but, ooops, forgot to take a photo of it !!

Looking forward to getting back to regular patchwork / quilting, not working to a deadline ... but first, holidays.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas ... and hope you have  a Happy New Year.

Take care,


  1. Great work Connie, good job on hiding the quilt from Elizabeth,hope they liked it all.

  2. Hi Connie, Happy New Year to you too! I just saw your comment on my blog, and hopped over here in the hope you had posted something recently. I can't understand how I missed this back in December! Still it was only a week or so ago. I LOVE both of those quilts! I bet your parents really love theirs, and I imagine that Elizabeth is absolutely ecstatic over her quilt and matching cushions. I just finished my Rainbow Kittens today, and have posted a pic on my blog.
    Looking forward to catching're going away soon, aren't you?

  3. Sorry - I spelled Elisabeth incorrectly. My middle name is the same, but with a Z, so I typed it automatically!


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